10 Equestrian Fashion Trends You Need To Know About

Equestrian fashion is the latest thing to hit the equestrian world. It’s a modern twist on what riders have worn for years, and it’s here to stay. 

If you’re looking for something new in your closet or if you’re just a fan of horseback riding here’s what you need to know about equestrian fashion:

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Key Takeaways
– Equestrian fashion trends are constantly evolving, blending style and function.
– The rider’s gear and apparel, including clothing, helmets, and saddles, are important factors in horseback riding.
– It’s important to have the right equipment and gear, such as helmets and boots, to ensure comfort and safety while horseback riding.
– Hoof care is essential to maintain healthy hooves and overall well-being for horses.
– Stay up-to-date on the latest equestrian fashion trends and faux pas to look and feel your best while riding.

Elevated Equestrian Fashion Trends

Elevated equestrian fashion is the new way to wear riding clothes. It’s a style trend that has been used by famous horseback riders and now you can follow it too!

Elevated equestrian fashion has many elements that include:

Colored leathers (black, brown, tan) with white or light-colored tops.

Loose-fitting tops with long sleeves or short sleeves; you can even get some blouses made out of silk material! You can also wear turtlenecks if you want something more casual but still stylish.

Jeans are another great way to incorporate this look into everyday life because they’re comfortable while still looking good when paired with boots or tall boots depending on what kind of person you want to be perceived as by others around town who might not know much about horses yet but could potentially become interested in learning more if they saw someone wearing their own pair someday soon–so show off those ankles while keeping warm at night too!

Riding in style is not just about looking good, but feeling comfortable on horseback. From breeches to boots, riding jackets to gloves, every piece of clothing should serve a purpose. To learn more about the best equestrian apparel for every occasion, check out our guide on Riding in Style.

The Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are a classic item of equestrian fashion, but they’re also easy to wear and very comfortable. They make a great base for mixing in other pieces of clothing, so you can use them to create multiple outfits.

Polo shirts come in many different styles: there are polos with short sleeves, long sleeves, collars or no collars; some have pockets; some have buttons up the front while others have two buttons on either side of the collar (like a shirt). 

If you want something more formal than jeans and sneakers but not as dressy as an actual suit jacket–a polo shirt is your best bet!

Equestrian Boots

Equestrian boots are a staple of equestrian fashion. They can be flat or heeled, made of leather or synthetic materials, and come in a variety of styles including ankle length, knee-high and over the knee.

StyleAnkle length, knee-high, over-the-knee
MaterialLeather or synthetic materials
HeelFlat or heeled
BrandsAriat, Tredstep, De Niro

This table outlines an overview of equestrian boots, which are a staple of equestrian fashion. Equestrian boots come in a variety of styles, including ankle length, knee-high, and over-the-knee. They can be flat or heeled and are commonly made of leather or synthetic materials. Some popular brands for equestrian boots include Ariat, Tredstep, and De Niro.

The Riding Jacket

The riding jacket is a staple of equestrian fashion and can be seen on many riders. It’s a casual, functional piece of clothing that comes in many different styles, colors and fabrics. 

The riding jacket is essentially a vest or sleeveless jacket with a collar–and it goes by other names too: jodhpurs or breeches are another type of riding garment.

Riding jackets vary from brand to brand but generally fall into one of two categories: casual or tailored. 

Casual jackets tend to be more fitted through the waist and hips (but not too tight!) while tailored versions have longer sleeves and more room around the midsection–they’re meant for horseback riding but also work well with jeans if you’re looking for something less sporty than jodhpurs or breeches!

As a beginner in horseback riding, it is important to have the right gear and equipment to feel comfortable and confident on horseback. From helmets to boots, reins to stirrups, every piece of horseback riding gear serves a unique purpose. To learn more about the must-have gear and equipment, check out our guide on 10 Must-Have Horseback Riding Gear and Equipment for Beginners.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are a great way to show your love for horses, riding and the equestrian lifestyle. A polo shirt can be worn with jeans or dress pants and looks great with everything from a casual baseball cap to a more formal fedora.

Polo shirts come in many different colors, so you’ll want to make sure that you get one that fits your personality perfectly!

Equestrian-Inspired Coats

A good coat is a must-have for any equestrian.

The first thing you need to know is that coats are versatile, and can be worn in the winter and summer. The second thing is that they come in all shapes and sizes (literally). If you’re petite, look for something shorter with a fitted waistline; if you’re taller than average, opt for something longer with roomy sleeves–the more room there is in the shoulders of your jacket or coat, the less bulky it’ll feel on your body!

You should also consider what kind of fabric makes sense for your lifestyle: wool fabrics keep warm but may not breathe well enough during warmer weather; cotton fabrics are breathable but don’t offer much insulation from cold temperatures; cashmere blends offer both comfortability as well as warmth without being too heavy on hot days…and so forth!

The right helmet is a crucial piece of gear for horseback riding, protecting the rider’s head from injury in the event of a fall or accident. With so many different types and brands of helmets available, it can be hard to know where to start. To learn more about the top horseback riding helmets of the year, check out our guide on The Top Horseback Riding Helmets of the Year: A Review.


Breeches are a type of pants that are worn by equestrians. They’re usually made of leather or synthetic materials, and they can be worn by both men and women. Breeches resemble jodhpurs in style, but they tend to be shorter in length than jodhpurs or riding breeches (which we’ll discuss later).

Breeches were originally used as military clothing for cavalry soldiers during the 16th century–hence their name! 

They’ve been around since at least 1537 when Henry VIII ordered his troops to wear them while he was fighting against France during the Battle Of Solway Moss.

StyleResembles jodhpurs
LengthShorter than jodhpurs or riding breeches
MaterialLeather or synthetic materials
GenderWorn by both men and women
BrandsAriat, Tailored Sportsman, Dublin

This table provides an overview of breeches, which are a type of pants worn by equestrians. Breeches are similar in style to jodhpurs but are shorter in length compared to both jodhpurs and riding breeches. They can be made of leather or synthetic materials and are worn by both men and women. Some popular brands for equestrian breeches include Ariat, Tailored Sportsman, and Dublin.

Sweaters And Cardigans

Sweaters and cardigans are a great option for layering. They can be worn over a shirt or blouse, t-shirt (or polo shirt), tank top, tunic and even jumpsuit! They’re also great for cold weather because they keep you warm while still looking stylish and chic!

Prints And Patterns

Patterns and prints are a great way to add interest to your outfit. They can be used as an accent, or they may be the main focal point of your look. Prints can be bold or subtle, but they’re always fun!

For example: If you have a plain white tunic top with jeans, try adding some colorful socks in a patterned print like zig zags or polka dots. This will help bring out the colors in your outfit while also making it more interesting!

The saddle is one of the most important pieces of gear for both horse and rider in horseback riding. A properly fitting saddle can improve the horse’s movement and overall well-being, as well as helping the rider maintain balance and control. To learn more about choosing the perfect saddle for your horse, check out our guide on The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Saddle for Your Horse.

Dressing For The Occasion

When it comes to equestrian fashion, there are a few things you should always remember:

Dress for the occasion. If you’re riding in cold weather and your horse is wearing a thick coat, it won’t look very good if your boots are visible through his mane. Try to match his attire as much as possible so that he doesn’t feel left out!

Dress for the weather. If you’re going on an extended ride and know that there will be rain along the way (or even just one big downpour), make sure all of your clothes are waterproof and water resistant so they don’t get ruined by Mother Nature’s wrath! You don’t want those fancy new riding boots getting soaked right away now do ya?

The health of a horse’s feet is crucial to their overall well-being, and proper hoof care is essential to maintain healthy hooves. From regular trimming to shoeing, there are many different aspects of hoof care to consider. To learn more about keeping your horse’s feet in top shape, check out our guide on Hoof-Care 101: Keeping Your Horse’s Feet in Top Shape.


Dressing for the occasion is one of the most important things you can do if you want to look good while you’re riding. 

Equine fashion has come a long way in recent years, with many brands now offering high-quality equestrian apparel that will keep you warm and protected from moisture while still looking stylish when out on the trail.

We hope that these 10 trends will inspire some new ideas for how to dress up your next ride!

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What are equestrian fashion trends?

Equestrian fashion trends are clothing styles and accessories that are inspired by equestrian activities and horse riding. Some examples of equestrian fashion trends include riding boots, breeches, and jackets.

Why is equestrian fashion so popular?

Equestrian fashion is popular because it blends style and function. Equestrian clothing is designed to be stylish and practical, with features like moisture-wicking materials and stretchy fabrics that make it comfortable and easy to move in.

What are some common equestrian fashion faux pas?

Some common equestrian fashion faux pas include wearing the wrong type of boots, mismatching your riding gear, and wearing clothing that is too tight or too baggy.

What should I wear for equestrian activities?

The clothing you wear for equestrian activities will depend on the activity you are doing and the weather conditions. Some common items include riding helmets, riding boots, breeches, and layers of appropriate clothing.

Where can I find equestrian fashion?

Equestrian fashion can be found at many equestrian stores and online retailers. Some popular brands include Ariat, Tailored Sportsman, and Dublin.